When I was a little kid, I was very excited about Christmas. To be honest, I couldn’t wait to see what presents were waiting for me under the tree. I was mesmerised by the lights and beautiful decorations. As soon as we opened the presents, we would sit at the table to share the dinner that my grandmother cooked with so much love. It is not much different 20 years later. We still spend Christmas Eve at my grandmothers, except it’s my daughter that is excited about the presents now. She is the one with the lovely, innocent, excited look on her face when she sees the sparkling tree and of course the gifts below. Over the years I became more interested in the food that is laid on the table and the lovely discussions with long-not-seen family members. There is something so special about a table of food made for people you love. It’s like each bite is a piece of that love made to nourish your soul and warm your heart. We wish you and your loved ones, a wonderful Christmas, filled with love, laughter and of course yummy food! We can promise you 25 mouthwatering recipes, 28 divine photos, eyecatching animations, beautiful mini game and 100% satisfaction.

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We also thought on you dear Reader, because you are precious to us. You can enjoy the extended issue by simply downloading the PDF file. You will also receive a link to the extended issue on Issuu.com to be able to reach the magazine wherever you are.

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  • The spoon is my favorite independent food magazine for the iPad. It's adorably interactive and the recipes are varied (for amateur cooks to gourmands and everything in between), and the photography is very well done. Also, the price, $1.99 per issue, is very reasonable.

    Bean6929 | App Store

  • What a cool app! It's a fun experience to go through and see all the recipes and how the food is put together. Very cleverly done!

    Houndstooth4 | App Store

  • Truly, your two new interactive magazines for summer 2013 have hit the nail on the head, again! Your photography and stunning recipes "wow," me and the interaction the app brings to the end user is stimulating, fun and unforgettable. The mix of music, photos and recipes is literally mouthwatering. The only thing I need is the food in my oven!

    mika1588 | App Store

  • Okay so I never usually write reviews like ever ha. But this magazine is amazing. Maybe because its not a print magazine turned into an iPad app, but a mag that is made especially for the iPad that explains why it's so great. It makes fantastic use of the tablet features. And this is coming from someone who normally prefers print over digital. I'm a bit more traditional I guess. That French music that played in the bistro section was the icing on the cake... Sigh. I love it. BRAVO!!!!

    PatienceR. | App Store

  • Stumbled upon this and decided to give it a try. I'm not disappointed. Easy to navigate, the photos are beautiful, and the recipes look delicious. Can't wait to try these at home!

    Lyshlysh | App Store