What happens when a graphic designer and a photographer meet! No, it is not a start of a cheesy love story, but rather a food story out of which The Spoon was born. David is our 2 meter tall, very talented, award winning graphic designer, who never fails to bring new and crazy ideas into the project. He is based in Budapest.

Vera is the one behind the camera, who captures the beauty of the food, and makes everything look tasty and desirable. She lives in Switzerland. Together, we are the team behind the magazine, living 1000 km apart from each other, dedicated to put our best into every issue of The Spoon magazine.

Feel Free to Drop Us a Line

We marked our locations on the map, David in Hungary, Vera in Switzerland. If you want to contact us just fill out the form below. In case you have question or remark regarding the recipes or photos, Vera will provide you answers. If you are in need of technical advice  or just want to know more about design, David will answer your questions. Do not hesitate to contact us.