We wish you a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!

[note_box]You can download The Spoon | Volume 2 to your iPad or buy the extended issue in Pdf, only for 2$. Try it before buy.[/note_box]


The Spoon selected by Apple – Best Christmas Cooking Apps

We’re so excited to share, that The Spoon Volume I. is selected into the best Christmas Cooking Apps by Apple. Thanks so much, it’s amazing! [note_box]You can download The Spoon | Volume 2 to your iPad or buy the extended issue in Pdf, only for 2$. Try it before buy.[/note_box]

A short vacation

We are about to start working on the Winter issue, but before that, I had to go on a short holiday in Italy to recharge my batteries. Como was beautiful as always. I highly recommend to order pizza in any of the restaurants, because it is the best I ever had. I prefer Margeritha, nothing […]

The youngest fan of The Spoon

Isabella is probably the youngest and cutest fan of The Spoon. She mostly enjoys the animated photos and the beautiful music on the cover. She could watch it over and over and over again with a happy grin on her face. [note_box]If you also want to become a member of The Spoon family, download The Spoon […]


Happy Spoonday

We declare today as official Spoon Day, celebrating the first week of the release of  The Spoon | Volume 1. Join us, grab a fork… or a spoon and take a bite from the lovely Esterhazy cake. Recipe is adapted from Nigella Lawson. [hr] [col1_4 formatter='1'] Ingredients 12 eggs 500 g sugar 500 g baked hazelnuts 5 tablespoons […]

Sweet potato gnocchi with swiss chard

[photo_gallery][/photo_gallery] The extended version of the magazine is packed with beautiful pictures and recipes. One of the section is dedicated to sweet potato. Some of the photos did not make it into the magazine, those you can view in our sweet potato gallery right now. Enjoy. [note_box]You can download The Spoon to your iPad or buy the extended […]


Available on the App Store now

We are so happy to announce that The Spoon has finally hit the App store. We have been anxiously waiting for the approval and after 8 long days we finally got it. The App icon imitates the pie on the cover of the magazine is it not great? We have made some pretty cool stuff, […]

Volume 1 – Download it with a Big Spoon

The cold season is on its way, the leaves are starting to fall from the trees. In the Fall issue we bring you some warming soup recipes, guide you through a real Bistro and give you some ideas how to decorate your home for this season, and many more. The Spoon was designed for slow consumption. […]

In a French Café

I wish I could go back in time. Do you also have the urge to leave this time behind and take a tour in an other place at another time? I wish I could go back to the first half of 1900 in Paris. Those decadent years seem to be the most charming to me. […]


Introducing the magazine: Colors

We just cannot wait until the official release of The Spoon Volume 1. We simply have to show you the colors of this issue. Are they not amazing?